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    A Business Coach and Book Mentor, I specialise in working with business owners who are writing a business book, self-help guide or memoir that will grow their business, share their wisdom and tell their story.

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    I founded Self Discovery Coaching in 2006 and rebranded as Librotas in January 2016. I'm a qualified Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Firewalk Instructor.

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    I'm the author of five business books, and have contributed to many other books, as well as helping my clients to write and publish their books.

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    If that's not enough, I love to speak, and I do some crazy stuff too like jumping out of planes and helping people to walk on hot coals!

Let's make a difference together

Hi there, I'm Karen Williams and when I trained as a coach, I wanted to change the world and soon realised that I could only do so one person at a time. 

My passion is working with solopreneurs (coaches, consultants and therapists) who want to make a difference. But they also know that to do this, they need to learn the skills to create and grow a successful business, and then have the courage to implement these.

I’m known for helping my clients to succeed by standing out from the crowd, getting noticed and being an expert in their business. And overcoming the fear that might stop them from doing this.

Many of my clients are writing a book that will grow their business, enabling them to reach more people and grow their business. And I can give them the resources, abilities and confidence to transform the lives of their clients and make a bigger difference in the world.

My journey...

In January 2006, I did something that changed my life. I’d spent 15 years in the corporate world in management, training and Human Resources in the public and private sector, and was a Chartered Member of the CIPD.

I woke up one morning and I realised that I was fed up with my job and stuck in a rut. I knew about this thing called coaching and employed my first coach and started working with her to get my career back on track. Not only did I find a new job, but I found a vocation that I really wanted to pursue. I trained as a coach and in November 2006, Self Discovery Coaching was born, which was later rebranded as Librotas in January 2016.

Of course, I’d love to tell you that it was easy. But one of the things I noticed is that there were tons of great coaches, but many struggled to be successful. And when I talk about success, I mean in terms of running a business. I actually later found out that just 10% of coaches make it – that’s a pretty scary figure isn’t it? But what I saw is that many make it to the end of their qualification and don’t realise that this is just the start of their journey and that they need to learn heaps more new skills to make it in business.

How do I know? Well I was one of them! I thought it would be easy – get 1000 glossy brochures printed, order some business cards and set up a website. I thought I’d go along to networking events and people would be clamouring for my services, but boy was I wrong!

So I had two options, option 1 was to stay in the corporate world or follow my heart into something I knew I wanted to do. And guess which option I took! 

I became a career coach supporting people to find a job they love, but I knew that to be successful myself I needed to do more than just be a great coach. That’s why I’ve interviewed and learnt the secrets from more than 25 top performance coaches and published my first book in 2011.

Writing, speaking and standing out

My first book was The Secrets of Successful Coaches, which became an Amazon best seller, and is for coaches and solopreneurs who want the business skills and confidence to create a successful business.

My second book, How to Stand Out in your Business was published in 2012, which teaches the 7 SUCCESS Steps that I  use to help my clients to get great business results.  

And my third book, Your Book is the Hook gives you the blueprint to write, publish and promote the book that is the hook to grow your business.

In my fourth book, The Mouse that Roars: A Shy Girl's Guide to Living Courageously, I share my personal story of going from a shy and timid child to a inspired and successful business owner. 

My fifth book is Book Marketing Made Simple, which takes you step by step through the process of marketing your book, from the day you start to write it until after your book launch.

I've also contributed to many other business books over the last couple of years. 

I know that setting up a business is much easier when you know how, when you learn from the experts and discover the shortcuts to turn your business dreams into reality.

As well as working one-to-one with my clients, I run events and an annual writing retreat in Spain. 

I'm a speaker on inspiration, mindset, business and writing, and love running events, where we always do something a little bit different! 

I have been featured on local TV, radio, in magazines including Psychologies, Marie Claire, Coaching at Work, Rapport magazine, Personnel Today, The Daily Express, and The News, and speak at events across the UK and abroad.

I was also a finalist in the Hampshire Winning Women Business Awards 2011 and was nominated for the Inspiring Women Awards in 2012 and the What’s on 4 Me Business Awards in 2012 and 2013.

I'm a Chartered Member of the CIPD and Member of the Association for Coaching.

From a personal point of view...

I’m pretty passionate about making a difference in the world and taking my clients on a journey to dream big in their business.

In 2012, I embarked on a new challenge in my life, which has been pretty life changing.  Although happy with my life (I'm married to my lovely husband, Peter and we've been together since we were 18), I decided to challenge myself and do a project called 'A Year to Live', which talk about in The Mouse That Roars.

During that year I decided to go skiing for the first time - after always saying I'll go one day. I also jumped out of a plane for charity (and took 3 of my clients and husband with me - so watch out!)

I qualified as a Firewalk Instructor. I have helped dozens of my clients to walk on hot coals, break through boards and walk across a bed of broken glass. But don’t let that put you off! 

In addition, I signed up to do a charity trek, and in September 2013 I walked the Inca Trail in Peru to Machu Picchu for the Genesis Research Trust (Women for Women) and was part of a group of 21 ladies who raised over £90,000 for charity. This was a bigger achievement for me as I was hospitalised in Peru just before the trek started, so it was brilliant to make it! Our fundraising was celebrated at the House of Lords in May 2014 with a presentation by Professor Lord Robert Winston.

I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to do what I love. I am a very intuitive but practical individual, able to turn a plethora of ideas into tangible actions, as well as being able to switch from coach to mentor and share my expertise.

Connect with me

Call 023 9200 6418 or contact me to book a strategy session or arrange a chat. Or connect with me via social media:



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What my clients say about me

“Having a partner was really important to me and having the encouragement to get the book done has been invaluable.

Karen gave me the short-cuts with her expertise. She’s done the legwork so I didn’t have to, as I didn’t want to learn the technical stuff. This was an amazing plus for me. We worked together on a plan which was broken into manageable chunks, and this plan was the linchpin that enabled me to do it.

Now I’ve written the book and my Mum’s very proud! It’s elevated my profile, and I’ve been running Eat to Outsmart Cancer workshops across the UK. The book has helped and I can’t wait to be able to offer the book so that people can not only be inspired but have something to take away with them.

It has really helped working with Karen, because you make the commitment and have the support in place to help you. If there’s something in your business that you excel at, a book is a perfect thing to do.”

Listen to the entire interview with Jenny Phillips here.

Jenny Phillips
Inspired Nutrition
Author of Eat to Outsmart Cancer

“Karen and I started to work together at the latter stages of writing the book. It was actually being proof read at that time. I’m glad we worked together as it made a massive difference to the final output even at that stage. She helped me to develop my signature system that works and brought everything together.

Writing a book has been a great business card, and it automatically gives you a sense of authority and a talking point. There is something still very special about writing a book that people respect, which has helped with the authority in my business. It starts to answer the ‘why me’ question and because I have the book and the 7 step signature system that I’m really proud of. Moving forward, it’s the basis of a programme I’m developing.

Karen supported me with my actual book launch in London. She also helped with the nuts and bolts and the strategy for my Kindle launch earlier this year, and it got to number 1 in one of its categories. Now I’m working with Karen again to support me with my ongoing marketing and my second book!”

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Gina Visram
Limitless Coaching
Author of Happily Ever After for Grown-ups

“Karen gave me sharpness and focus I needed and can highly recommend it.

I’m now clearer on my message and my niche market, which has helped me to focus. It has been a very worthwhile kick up the bum! I could have spent the rest of my life writing this book if it wasn’t for Karen. She took away my excuses, and gave me reasons for doing it. It’s been great to have her contacts and knowing the steps that I needed to take.

It changes things when people know you’ve got a book and it adds power to your message, even though it’s not even out there yet. I’m eager to start my next book as I’ve learnt how to do it through this one.

I advise you to contact Karen as she will stop you from wasting your time and help you to do the best you can.”

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Fiona Chapman
The Chapwell Method
Author of The Chapwell Method: 7 Keys to Happiness, Success and Wellbeing